Radiology refers to the branch in medicine that deals with radioactive substances in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases. The equipment used in procedure is referred to as radiology technology (RT). There are several schools in reference to radiologic technology. Educational programs offered in this field would be sub-divided into radiography, radiology technology, radiologic and MRI. By specializing in one of the programs, you get to pick a professional field in which you are more comfortable with. This programs help you learn how to use computers and equipment to acquire and manipulate images for interpretation and analysis. Communication is also a very important aspect as one has to relate well with other members in the medical field and with patients.


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Radiologic Technology in California

Foothill College

 Foothill College have the radiologic programs since the year 1961 and is accredited by the JRCERT (Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology), the California Department of Public Health, Radiation Health Branch and the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. It takes 22 months to complete a degree course in radiology. The degree later allows you to take the California State Licensing Exam and the ARRT Registry Exam.

Chaffey College

 Public community Chaffey college has run a program since 1970. This program leads to an associate's degree in radiology science. Training for its students happens in hospitals affiliated with Chaffey. Training includes:

  • Operatiing Radiology Equipment.

  • Exposing X-ray Images.

  • Radiation Safety - Protection Devices.

  • Basic Principles of Patient Positioning.

  • Developing Effective Communication Skills.

  • Patient Care.

radiology techs

Career and Salary

 A career as a radiologic tech is very opportunistic. Every health facility requires one. Ranging from the largest hospital to the smallest dispenser, a radiologic technologist must be present. Several departments within the health facility have specialists in this industry. Outpatient clinics, prenatal care, orthopedics, healthcare research, not to mention but a few need a specialist in X-ray technology. The estate of California offers some radiography specialties such as cardiac catheterization, computerized tomography CT, magnetic resonance imaging MRI; ultrasound, nuclear medicine, radiation therapy, equipment repair, health physics, and education. This career has opportunity for growth and offers a good salary. According to the report of, entry level radiographers, earn an average of about $45,500 annually. Entry level radiation therapists earn about $57,500 annually. With your growth in experience or educational advancement, salaries raise to $65,000- $90,000 per year which is determined by your area of specialization.